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About us

I am committed to supplying high quality natural herbal products to you and your family.  I provide natural alternatives to the products you use every day and guarantee honesty about the ingredients. I also offer more specialized items and custom products upon request.  All the items I sell we currently use in our home and have been for years. I strive to combine herbalism, aromatherapy and practicality at an affordable price. 



My daughter, who has eczema, uses these products and loves them. She loves to put the sweet dreams balm around her nose before bed. Anything that helps a 4 year old go to bed easily is a win in my book. I also love the skin products. My acne is gone and it’s protecting my skin in this freezing/dry air. 💜💜 Can’t say enough good things. This family of sensitive skinned folks have found a new fav.

Katie H.

I've been using Handmade by Bumble products for several years now and I love them. The body butter is amazing on my dry winter skin, and the lip balm is the only kind I don't feel like I need to apply 600 times a day. But my absolute favorite product is the diaper rash cream for my sweet little boy. He was having issues with a little redness and I was nervous to keep using other chemical filled products so I was super excited when Em made a batch of her cream for me. It works wonders on his bum, and smells way better than other things I've used in the past. Plus since it's natural I don't feel bad about using it! If you care what goes on your skin or your babies skin, I 100% recommend Handmade by Bumble, cause I know she cares just as much about what goes into her products!

Laura M.

I recently ordered the whipped body butter... This stuff is truly miraculous! I have severe eczema on my elbows. I wish I had taken before photo. They look NORMAL now. Still slightly dry but I am hopeful if I keep using this stuff I won't look like a scaly dragon anymore. It smells incredible and a tiny bit does my entire body. It is soothing - especially before bed. I work at a film and television studio for network TV and it is unbeleivably long hours. I keep one at my desk and one at home. When my skin feels dry from being on set all day or exposed to the elements I have been using this and my body is so grateful. This is so much better than any body butter I've ever tried from anywhere else.

Rose W.

I have loved everything I tried so far and can't wait to try more. love the rose face oil and balancing toner is an absolute must if you are transitioning from traditional cleansers. It will make the difference on you transitioning successfully. The face scrub is to DIE for, I don't want to put anything else on my face ever again 😄. Makeup remover is wonderful and the arnica oil was surprisingly powerful. I am very wary of what I put on my newborn baby but I am on love with the baby oil and will be getting most of the rest of the baby products as well. Love, love, LOVE these products!!

Samantha W.

Recently discovered Handmade by Bumble and absolutely LOVE everything I’ve tried!! Lots of new favorites from this top notch owner who puts the best quality organic ingredients into each handmade product!! The lotion bars are wonderfully rich & super healing (especially with all the extra hand washing these days!) and they smell SO DELICIOUS 😋 The exfoliating facial scrub and facial oils are super luxurious and leave my face glowing like I just left a facial! My children love the bath fizzes surprises and they make perfect gifts for loved ones too! Look forward to adding even more amazing natural items from this stellar small business who puts so much love and passion into their superb products!! Thank you so much!!

Sharon L.

TL:DR - They are fantastic products, great for even finicky skin, give them a try! Having sensitive and frustrating skin, I am very picky and cautious about what body products I use. My skin is the annoying combination of both easily dried out and very oily/prone to break outs. But, having used the Bumble Facial Scrub for some time now, I can say that it has both helped cleanse my skin, while keeping it from drying out. I was surprised to find that it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily, while still helping prevent dryness. I like to use at the end of my shower and am extremely happy with the results. Even products designed specifically for my "skin type" tend to irritate it more than actually help, and they typically cost a ridiculous amount of money. However, this product is a wonderful exception to that rule. I have also use the chap-stick and body butters by Bumble, and they are both high quality and helpful products as well. I really appreciate how clean and simple, yet effective, the ingredients are. It's nice knowing exactly what is going on your skin, and I feel it is much more effective, due to it's concentration of great ingredients and lacking of chemicals and preservatives. Give them a go! You won't regret it!

Kelly C.

By far the best all natural products I have ever used! I'm very partial to the body butter (for my eczema), the lip balm, and the deodorant. Everything is well made and well priced!

Christina R.

I have lots of sensitivities and cannot tolerate products with artificial scents etc..I have been using lip balm, body butter, face oil...with great success and no adverse reactions. I don't know what I would do without these products.

Donna H.


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