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Blog posts written by me highlighting the herbs and botanicals I use in the shop to create the things you love for you and your family. I go in depth explaining the individual benefits they provide and tell you about some of the products in which I utilize them.

I also enjoy blogging on other topics near and dear to my heart such as food preservation, gardening, homesteading, homeschooling, and other herbalism topics.

Safety, Usage, & Efficacy

Handy, quick-reference charts for internal and topical products regarding whether they are safe for use during pregnancy and nursing, for children, and other relevant usage warnings. These charts are not all-inclusive and are only meant to be a quick reference that you can keep on your phone or print off for use in your home. Please see site listings or product labels for the most complete information. 

You can also find information on this page for calculating dosages for children based on weight or age.

Finally, you can find information on how to get the most effective usage out of your Bumble items, such as proper spacing of certain products and product pairings throughout the day.

These are kept as up-to-date as possible and can be easily saved to any device for personal use.

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