Our Story

   Our Story

Meet Emily Rubeo AKA Bumble

The nickname originated years ago when I worked in a group home with disabled adults. When one of the residents would say my name, it sounded like, "Bumblebee," instead of, "Emily." The nickname stuck.

Over a decade ago, I committed myself to learning to make the products I used on a regular basis. I had and still have a desire to remove toxic products from my home. To this day, I combat chronic dry and sensitive skin, digestive issues, insomnia, and more.  The products I was spending too much money on were simply not helping and so I ventured to do it myself. The goal was to live an even cleaner and more natural lifestyle while not spending a fortune. It's wonderful to have full control over what is in the products I use on my and my loved one's bodies, and in our home. 

Over the years now, I have read numerous books and guides on herbalism and aromatherapy, as well as taken many courses from the top experts in each field. Over time, and with much trial and error, I was making all the cleaning products in my home, as well as all bath and body items. Many of the products and techniques I use have also helped me to deal with ongoing symptoms from Lyme disease. 

I honed these recipes and techniques to sell and developed the small business, Handmade by Bumble, LLC.  I am truly passionate about making it all and am perpetually teaching myself new skills and developing recipes for new products. Every product I sell I, my husband, daughter, and son use every day in our home. 

Currently, my husband and I own a 23-acre property where we grow, raise, and hunt as much of our food as we can. It is truly a lifestyle, and a desire to live cleanly and freely extends to every aspect of our lives. 

Another goal of Handmade by Bumble is to build an income I can maintain at home while I care for our daughter, son, and homestead. I believe staying home is crucial for my family's wellbeing. 

All products are made with the highest quality ingredients that are organic and unrefined. The ingredients I don’t grow or produce on our property are sourced from the best and most ethical places. I also love to make personalized products based on an individual’s needs and desires. All of these products and techniques have greatly helped me and my loved ones, and I would like nothing more than to share that with as many people as I can.

With love, from our home to yours. <3