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Welcome to my ramblings! 

Some of you know me well and others not at all.  This first blog post is an introduction to myself, lifestyle and values. It is the first blog I've ever written so bear with me if it's not what they're supposed to be. Some of this will be repeated from a page on the website that you can read as well. 

I'm Emily AKA Bumble (to a very select few people). I am a wife, mother, gardener, learning herbalist, maker of lotions and potions and lover of all things that grow. My husband and I own 23 acres of mostly woods where we've worked hard to build a homestead over the past 2 years. We grow and preserve enough produce to feed us throughout the year and raise chickens, pigs, turkeys and rabbits for meat.  We have laying hens and ducks that give us 15+ eggs a day, goats and an amazing Great Pyrenees.  My husband hunts as much as he can and with Spring on the way, there will be more adventures to come here!  

We have one daughter and a son on the way.  I am blessed to stay at home and care for them and our homestead along side my mother and step father who live here as well. We work as a team to keep everything running and taken care of here. We cloth diaper, will be homeschooling our children and are moving toward more and more renewable energy usage (planning a solar array right now). We deeply value our freedom to care for ourselves and our family as we deem the best and moving closer toward a self sustaining life. 

I make as much from scratch as I can and I have for many years.  I never intended to have a small business.  I simply wanted to have full control of what goes in and on my body and those I love.  After pressure from friends and family, I started the business several years ago and after tons of work and time, it's getting off the ground. I've surpassed 600 sales total and with the website being live for only a month or so, 35 site sales. I am ever thankful to those of you who've made that possible.  I tend to be a bit introverted and extremely self critical so endeavoring on this has been a challenge to me. A good challenge. Some of you have confided in me very personal information and trusted me to help as I can. For that, I am ever grateful and I promise to continue to earn your trust and confidence. As I struggle with chronic issues, I will share those experiences with you and how I've helped them (if you want to hear about it, that is). 

I will not bombard you will blogs every day (unless you want that but it would be hard for me to keep up with haha). I will likely write about projects around here, do in depth posts about specific herbs and ingredients, recipes and how-tos and stories I think may be helpful to you.  I welcome requests if there are specific things you'd like to see or read from me.  

I think that's it for now. 

With love, from our home to yours. 

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  • Your passion is expressed in the quality and personal touch of each product you sell.

    Donna on
  • Very well written honey. Well thought out and written in a way that conveys your message conversationally. I too look forward to reading more b

    Dad on
  • Emily, Your first blog was well done, and I enjoyed reading it.

    Eleanor on
  • Very nice Emily! You’ve accomplished a lot!

    Tina on
  • Your first blog was tremendous. I look forward to more. ❤

    Joyce on
  • Great 1st blog Emily! I enjoyed it!

    Pamela on

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