Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes: Organic Compostable Cotton

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Style Set of 5 with a wash bag

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New! Incredibly soft handmade, double-sided, 100% ORGANIC, REUSABLE and COMPOSTABLE cotton squares. When they wear out, just cut them up and toss them in your composter!

Sold in sets of 5 with a storage and wash bag. 

* Made with only ORGANIC cotton
* No raw edges = durable and gentle on skin
* Double sided: cotton velour - baby soft, cotton terry - for when you need a little more scrub
* Come in 100% cotton storage and/or wash bag ! That's right, even the bag is made with only cotton
* Can be used with a variety of products: cloth wipes concentrate, makeup remover, toner, and scrub.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley H
Love them!

These things are great! I use them with my toner, and also with the cleansing balms. They are the right amount of scrubby without being too rough.

Samantha J
Fantastic Facial Wipes!

I used these for the first time last night to wipe off my cleansing balm (which is another favorite of mine) & I’ll be using these forever now! I love that it has a scrubbie side & a softer side. I feel like I can really get my face clean with the scrubbie side and the softer side is great for around my eyes. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased these sooner! They’re great!

Luxurious for Makeup Removal

I love these little babies! One side is a bit "rougher" (not even the right word, since it's still pretty soft), and the other is very smooth and velvety; perfect for removing heavier makeup, and then flipping over to wipe away anything remaining and get a nice, gentle finish. They work impressively with the gentle infused makeup remover; I just wet them with warm water, squeeze out the extra water, apply the makeup remover directly to my face and spread around with my fingers, and then wipe with the cloths. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and free of icky makeup residue for overnight.