Cloth Wipes All Purpose XL

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Color Flowers and Bees

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Amazingly soft and versatile handmade cloth wipes. One side is soft and adorable cotton flannel and the other is baby loop bamboo terry. They're a large 8.5'' x 8.5''!

Sold in sets of three!

Made by Tara Scott

Use with cloth wipes and wipe solution, as wash clothes with baby wash or face scrub or to apply makeup remover!

Customer Reviews

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Bridget Jessee
Super wipes

We use these wipes in our cloth wipe rotation and my kids love how they feel! They are thicker than most of our other wipes and can really get the job done with just one wipe! I haven’t tried them for anything else, but they would be great for a bath wipe too!

Rachel Dustman
Useful everywhere

I really like these wipes! I have used them in the kitchen for my messy fingers, at the table for reusable napkins and cleaning up faces after, wiping up messes all over the house. I can't bring myself to use them on butts, but they clean up perfectly and I'm sure would be amazing for that too! Grab a pack, or 5!