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Fire Cider
Fire Cider
Fire Cider

Fire Cider

🔥 What is fire cider?? It's an herbal preparation used as a traditional cold remedy with deep roots in folk medicine. The combination of organic raw apple cider vinegar infused with powerful immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, decongestant, and spicy circulatory movers and finished with raw honey makes this tonic especially easy to incorporate into your diet to help boost the immune system, stimulate digestion, and get you nice and warmed up on cold days. 
I included:
🌱 Sage
🌱 Rosemary
🌱 Oregano
🌱 Thyme
🌱 Chopped Ginger
🌱 Grated Horseradish
🌱 Onion
🌱 Garlic Cloves
🌱 Rose Hips
🌱 Astragulus Root
🌱 Dried Echinacea Purpurea
🌱 Sante Fe Peppers
🌱 Cayenne Pepper
🌱 Dried Turmeric
🌱 Sliced Lime
🌱 Sliced Orange
All is topped with raw apple cider vinegar and a lid. I leave it for 3 to 4 weeks and give a shake daily. After that time, I strain it and add some raw local honey and bottle it up! 
It is shelf stable for at least year. 
To use: 
Take a tablespoon daily for maintenance or during cold months/allergy seasons. With any signs of symptoms, take an ounce (more if desired). 
Fire Cider

Fire Cider